CHIRURGIA ROBOTYCZNA: Wrzesień-listopad 2020 - Colon Channel

colon channel

The Colon Channel

Join Intuitive Surgical's interactive peer-to-peer webinars, helping advance da Vinci robotic-assisted colorectal surgery and patient outcomes.
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to hear how these surgeons successfully implemented and sustained a robotic-assisted surgery program in their practice.

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The Colon Channel schedule:

Monday, September 7 - 6:00-7:30pm (CET)

  • Robotic-assisted nerve preservation technique and its impact on functional outcomes, Daniel Perez, Hospital University of Hamburg
    obotic-assisted CME suprapubic vs. a transabdominal approach, Paolo Bianchi, Ospedale Misericordia, Grosseto


Monday, November 23 - 6:00-7:30pm (CET)

  • Beyond TME – Robotic-assisted surgery, T4 and lateral lymph node dissection, Jim Khan, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
    Robotic-assisted ICA vs. ECA and its clinical impact, Marcos Gomez, Hospital Universitario Marquès de Valdecilla