Our Research and Development Center is open to active cooperation with the scientific, academic and medical communities in the area of radiopharmaceuticals.


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We possess all necessary equipment to perform both the synthesis of innovative radiotracers and quality control of the product in accordance with the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia. This includes controlled manufacturing cleanrooms grade A for sterile dispensing of the radiopharmaceutical products.


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Our Research and Development Center is fully equipped to manufacture radiopharmaceuticals labeled with 18F, 11C, 13N and 15O used as innovative, special radiopharmaceuticals for cardiological, oncological or neurological diagnostics.


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Our trademark is professionally trained staff, in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical and patent law, and organizational systems that enable the efficient application of the solutions developed by our researchers.


Contact to:

Head of R&D:

Joanna Włostowska, PhD jwlostowska@synektik.com.pl


Dr. Seweryn Krajewski, PhD skrajewski@synektik.com.pl and

Dr. Joanna Towpik, PhD jtowpik@synektik.com.pl