About the Research and Development Center


Synektik Research and Development Center (R&D Center) is a modern research center where, besides work on innovative radiopharmaceuticals, projects are also being implemented to streamline production processes and improve the quality of existing diagnostic products in Positron Emission Tomography (PET).


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Our R&D Center is fully equipped to develop of new radipharmaceuticals labelled with 18F, 11C, 13Nand 15O. We cooperate with Universities, research institutes and entrepreneurs operating in the radiopharmaceutical industry in Poland and abroad.


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We strongly believe that diagnostics with using radiopharmaceuticals is safe and, above all, much more effective, especially in the case of diseases without obvious morphological changes or where functional changes occur earlier than morphological ones. Radiopharmaceuticals are used in oncological, cardiological, or neurology diagnostics. Early and effective diagnostics shorten the time needed for the physician to correctly diagnose and implement appropriate, highly targeted treatment. As a result, the chances of a complete recovery are greatly increased. The doctor has a diagnostic tool to monitor the progress of treatment and react dynamically throughout the entire treatment process.


In our R&D Center we are working on:

  • Optimization and implementation of modern technologies for manufacturing radiopharmaceuticals (new and commercially available).
  • Implementation of modern solutions in manufacturing process of radioisotopes nuclear medicine.
  • Author's supervision over the implementation of research and development results.
  • Collaborating with R&D units on innovative radiopharmaceuticals or exploring new applications for commercially available radiopharmaceuticals.


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Equipment Synektik Research and Development Center has been co-financed
from the resources of the European Regional Development Fund
under the Operational Program Innovative Economy, 2007-2013.


For those interested in what are radiopharmaceuticals?

Radiopharmaceutical is a biologically active substance that is linked to a radioactive isotope. Tracking the radiotracer administrated to the patient is possible with the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner. It detects the radiation generated by the positron annihilation process emitted by the nucleus of the radioisotope during decay. Properly selected active part enables specific detection of biological processes intensified under certain conditions e.g. tissues, diseased or malignant. It is worth emphasizing at the same time that radiopharmaceuticals contain such low levels of radioisotope that the dose of radiation during their use is comparable to or less than the dose obtained during X-rays.