Sentinel lymph node detection




declipse®SPECT enables for the first time worldwide intra-operative 3-D reconstruction of radioactivity distribution based on handheld gamma probe detectors. This solution extends the services of nuclear medicine from pure diagnosis towards localization and guidance during interventions, providing an innovative and powerful tool for quality assurance in radio guided surgery.

declipse®SPECT enables minimally invasive resection procedures thanks to its 3-D imaging properties and ensures high quality standards during procedure in three dimensions.

declipse®SPECT is designed for seamless integration into the surgical workflow. It is based upon existing gamma probes and thus does not interfere with their current usage. It provides images at the time of surgery and thus precise localization of the structures that need to be resected.

The system is positioned next to the operating room table and its portable cart allows flexible positioning without interference of other instruments. The intuitive user interface is controlled by a large image viewing touch screen monitor. It enables direct mapping, easy access and resection control during SLNB in breast, melanoma and head & neck as well as in the ROLL and RSL technique with a seamless integration in the clinical workflow.



 DECLIPSE SPECT® clinical aplications:

  • Breast Cancer SLNB

  • Head and Neck SLNB

  • Melanoma SLNB

  • Radioguided Occult Leision Localization ( ROLL)