Laminar flow hot cells


Synektik is a distributor of Italian products of Comecer SpA, specializing in nuclear technologies. Comecer SpA is a world leader in radiotherapy systems. The products of this company are known and used in hospitals, universities, research centers, pharmaceutical companies and large industrial groups around the world.



In cooperation with Comecer, Synektik distributes products in the field of nuclear medicine, and in particular, laminar airflow chambers used for the production and fractionation of radiopharmaceuticals. We also offer products such as dose calibrators, radiopharmaceutical transport containers, a wide variety of casing containers, syringe guards and consumable materials.

Synektik is also authorized to perform service Comecer's hot cells in territory of Poland.

Detailed product descriptions can be found on the manufacturer's website at https://www.comecer.com/hot-cells/.

If you are interested in Comecer's offer, please contact our Sales Department to arrange a personalized offer.