Echotherapy HIFU

Product data


Echopulse® is equipped with advanced technology, combining the HIFU therapeutic system (ultrasonic transducer, amplifier, computer, VTU, EPACK) with ultrasound diagnostic system.



To guarantee its optimal use, Echopulse® must be used in conjunction with the single-use disposable EPack.


Technological breakthrough,

EPack is a patented system that ensures both cooling and coupling functions for a safe and efficient treatment, while providing optimal image quality.




Easy to use,

The kit can rapidly be set up on the machine. It includes a pouch filled with the cooling liquid, a balloon to be positioned on the VTU head as well as two tubings to allow liquid circulation between both parts.


Liquid flow is regulated by pumps through a closed circuit between the pouch and the head. Thermal sensors included in the head cool the fluid to the required level, leading to subsequent pressure adjustment.


EPack packaging is small and easy to use. The device is controlled by RFID (radio-identification), and can safely be replaced after each use.


EPack meets environmental protection standards, and can be discarded after use along with household and assimilated waste.





Visualization and treatment head includes:

• an ultrasound transducer for real-time monitoring of the target area

• an HIFU emission device used for treatment

• an articulated arm for easy positioning on the treatment area

• a motorized head able to perform multi-angle (sagittal or transverse) slices but also micro-movements for a precise and safe treatment




The head provides a real time ultrasound image to view both the target and the HIFU during treatment on the user interface.



Intuitive and easy to use, the user interface includes a touch screen mounted on an articulated and easily steerable arm.



  The Echopulse® interface features several functions:

• It guides the user through the set-up, visualization, scheduling and treatment steps.

• The treatment and target area can be assessed and monitored in real time


Echopulse® and its accessories are class IIB medical devices designed and marketed by Theraclion for the treatment of breast fibroadenomas and benign thyroid nodules.
They are regulated health products which bear the CE marking as required by law. Please read the user guide carefully. 






























Urządzenie Echopulse® i jego akcesoria to urządzenia medyczne klasy IIb zaprojektowane i sprzedawane przez firmę Theraclion w celu leczenia gruczołów piersiowych i łagodnych guzków tarczycy.

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