Workstation - Myrian


About Myrian

Myrian® is a software suite intended for the visualization, storage, reproduction and exporting of medical images. Image data may originate from standard DICOM modalities (CT, MR, US, CR, PT, NM, etc.) or digital photography (jpeg, bmp).

Myrian® is adapted to 3D imaging. It enables Multi-Planar Reconstruction (MPR) of native images as well as real-time modification of the thickness of slice reconstruction.

Furthermore, this software supports MIP and MinIP display modes as well as highly detailed volume rendering.

The modular architecture of Myrian® software means it can be expanded to house the optional Expert Modules, a comprehensive range of specialised add-ons such as the XP-Liver module for the automatic detection of anatomical and pathological structures of the liver.




Intended Use

Myrian® is a medical image review and aided diagnosis software. It is a Software Medical Device as defined by the 93/42/EEC Directive.


It provides Users with the following features:

- Import and export of DICOM files from/to any DICOM-compliant modality, workstation or PACS;

- Visualization of DICOM images in various standard visualization modes (e.g. MPR, 3D, etc.) with optional imagealignment feature;

- Creation of Objects Of Interest (“OI”) for analysis and measurement purposes;

- Generation of medical reports;

- Virtual Cutting surface tool for preoperative evaluation of surgery strategies;

- Longitudinal Follow-up of patient, designed to support the oncological workflow by helping the user to confirm the absence or presence of lesions, including evaluation, quantification, follow-up and documentation of such lesions.


Common Users are trained medical professionals, including surgeons, radiologists, clinicians and technicians.


Myrian® is designed to be run:

- On standard Standalone Platform, through the installed operating system. The hardware of such platform consists in “off-the-shelf’ standard PC computer components and may be purchased independently by the end user.

- Remotely, through a network connecting a Client Platform (standard desktop or laptop PC) to the Server Platform on which Myrian® is installed. This mode of usage of Myrian® application is called “Remote Execution Mode”.