Platform ArPACS


logotyp DICOM

Archiving server is the central program of the system, which performs most of its functions. It consists of a database server (PostgreSQL) and an acquisition module that communicates with DICOM diagnostic devices.

Server work is done automatically, without the need for intervention and operation. The server performs a backup of the collected data and prepares the archives for archiving on BlueRays, DVDs, HDDs, and more.

Logotyp ARPACS

The most important functions of the archiving server

  • Central User Management and System Event Monitor, administration panel, permissions management, login policies management (creating security policy), etc.

  • Digesting exams from diagnostic devices for short and long term archiving (DICOM protocol).

  • Support for Modality Performed Procedure Step - MPPS functionality (DICOM standard) that enables communication with the device via the Modality Worklist, providing feedback on current status or progress of the transferred exam.

  • Prefetching exams from the LTO library, downloading the study to the online archive (short-term, fast access) at the time of patient registration.

  • Remote downloading exams from LTO library, on doctor's request

  • Secure RAID writing system

  • Keep long-term archives on HDD, CD / DVD storage and more

  • Backup of long-term archive (LTO)

  • Archiving patient administrative and meta data, exams with its' description and other non-medical data

  • Importing DICOM external exams from patients' CD

  • Fully automated burning of CD's in background

  • Automated eksport data to diagnostic workstations, servers, web services and other

  • DBburn - remote requesting a CD burning from external system (RIS/HIS) without a need to transfer the exam. ArPACS compile a CD downloading all items from it's archive. Thanks to that, a numerous big data don't overload local network and speeds up the process.

  • Burn API - supports Windows - allows to burn patients CD's on local CD burner in user's computer 

  • Auto PUSH >> allows to set a rules to auto transferring data to another server (such as long therm archive storage)

  • Auto GET << allows to schedule downloading exams that follows selected criteria. It enables synchronization between servers. 

...and much more!