Contrast injectors



Like all contrast medium injectors of MEDTRON, the Accutron CT-D fully meets the requirements regarding precision in diagnostics, patient-friendliness and economic efficiency.

The mains-independent double head injector for the injection of contrast medium and physiological saline solution in computed tomography is characterized by a high level of user-friendliness and the latest drive technology.

Optimization of diagnostics

  • The precise double head injection of the Accutron CT-D ensures a stable flow rate of contrast medium and thus ensures a homogenous contrast medium enhancement during the whole examination.

  • Thanks to the possibility of changing the concentration of contrast medium within a multiphase injection, improved diagnostics (e.g. in a CT-Angio) can be achieved.

Precise, efficient and patient-friendly

  • The system for the optimized administration of contrast media and physiological saline solution considerably reduces the examination times and contributes to a significant reduction in contrast medium consumption.

  • Easy Loading Syringes (ELS) with a filling volume of 200 ml per syringe can be inserted into the integrated, heatable syringe holders.

  • The real-time pressure monitoring allows a very patient-friendly use.

  • Prefilled syringes can be used.

Efficient, self-sustaining and immediately ready for use

  • The Accutron CT-D, as well as all the other MEDTRON injectors of the new generation, is available completely wirelessly.

  • The contrast medium injector disposes of integrated, high-output rechargeable batteries and a radio-controlled touch screen remote control. Thanks to this remote control, settings can be made easily from the control room.

  • The quick installation of the Accutron CT-D in every place saves time and thus contributes considerably to the optimization of the workflow.

Intuitively operable and user-programmable

  • Each of the two recipients for contrast medium and physiological saline solution disposes of a heating which can be switched on and off separately and which keeps the preheated fluids at a constant temperature.

  • The well-structured, self-explanatory menu navigation offers a high level of user-friendliness and an intuitive operation.

  • On the injector as well as on the touch screen remote control either the injection parameters can be displayed (numerically) or, alternatively, the pressure curve (graphically).

  • Thanks to the Auto-Hold function the user can preset that the injection will be interrupted between two injection phases and can be continued later.

Integration into the diagnostic process

With the CANopen Class 4 interface and an open system interface to most of the well-known scanners, the Accutron CT-D disposes of a wireless interface by which the injector can be connected to the imaging device. Thus, diagnostic device and injector can be controlled synchronously.

  • This increases the operating convenience and reduces the amount of possible operating errors.

  • Examination procedures can be realized faster and the exposure of the patient to radiation and contrast medium is reduced considerably.

  • The injection profiles and the scan protocol are managed together.

  • Complex examinations consisting of several scans and injection phases can be performed more easily.