Clinical Trials Center

Core capabilities


The radiofarmaceuticals production site is designed to adhere to GMP conditions as required by European Union GMP Directives. This includes controlled manufacturing cleanrooms, grade A hot cells for sterile dispensing of the radiopharmaceutical products and individual hot cells containing automated syntheses modules. These conditions allow us to efficiently and safely handle radiopharmaceuticals. Our quality control has dedicated instruments to test the final radiolabelled products before being released for human use including high performance liquid chromatograms (HPLCs), gas chromatographs (GCs), gamma spectrometers, pyrogen testing equipment and other supporting lab instrumentation. These capabilities provide an efficient and safe environment to produce radiopharmaceutical products for clinical imaging and therapy programs.

Our reputation for reliability and responsiveness has resulted in our leading position in the Polish market. Our dedicated professional team is the key reason for this success.

Synektik produces and delivers to PET sites on a routine basis 18F- based radio-pharmaceuticals under EU permits. Our Research and Development Center delivers on-demand radiopharmaceuticals labeled also with 11C, 13N and 15O.

For the list of available PET tracers see (link to radiopharmaceuticals)